The collections of the Museum include ca 55 000 units, 36 000 of them belonging to the core of the collection.

Remarkable parts of the collections:

  • working tools connected to the crafts on Daugava
  • household objects
  • photographs and postcards
  • documents
  • negative files

The Museum also holds the scientific records collection made of oral history materials written down during ethnographic expeditions along the River Daugava including following subjects:

  1. Landscape of the River Daugava
  2. History of the Daugava trade route
  3. Floods on the River Daugava
  4. Hydraulic constructions built on the river
  5. Ecology issues of the Daugava
  6. Settlements along the Daugava valley
  7. Crafts and occupations along the river
  8. The River Daugava in folklore, literature and arts
  9. History of the town Salaspils


The small planet named "DUNA"  Certificate


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